Version 2 DSC_0044 DSC_0048    Initiated a 7:15 launch this morning under a partly cloudy sky which was showing off how beautiful it can be with the sun beginning to rise in the background.  Moved downstream towards the Hwy 62 bridge and tried a couple of spots along the way.  The bite was pretty good as evidenced by the photos.  By 10 AM, it was time to turn the boat around and head back to shore.  Sam 'tip-toed' the boat through the shallows on the up river side of Spider Creek Island and had a couple of feet to spare.  Try to stay half way between the island and the far bank to stay in the least shallow water.  If the river continues to drop, it will not be long before one will have to pole across the shallows.  There were a couple of boats out working on those fish, but they did not share any info with Sam regarding their catch.  Hmmm.  Sam had the boat on the trailer by 10:30 and was  headed back to the 'office' to clean the catch.There is generation scheduled from 2 through 7 PM. at 44% of capacity, (3928 CFS).  The high temperature today should reach 76 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with north winds of 5 MPH. What are you waiting for?  GO FISH!!