Sam and I decided to have a quiet fishing morning sipping coffee and fishing upstream from Spider Creek Island. Started off in the proper direction; then the fish began to bite. Ran out of coffee early in the on-set of the trip...BLAH! Then, as fast as the bite began, it slowed to an occasional tug. The reason became apparent with the arrival of feeding brown trout. They were chasing the rainbows all over the river, both on the surface and just beneath. Every time they moved away from where we were fishing, the bite restarted. The last fish we caught is at the far left of the picture of the catch, and shows what a hungry brown can do. This is the second fish caught in the past week that has barely escaped the brown feeding frenzy. Perhaps tomorrow will be a brown trout fishing morning! They can be taken by using live bait, dead sculpin or with lures. If you choose to use sculpin, be sure that they have 'croaked' before you toss them out to fish, since if they are not dead, they will go under rocks. If they do that, not only will you not catch anything, but also, you will likely lose your rig. If you use lures from the bank, we would recommend that you use a floating lure to reduce the chance of losing it in the shallow water. We like Rapala F-11 rainbows or black on silvers. Good luck!   DSC_0060Generation is slated to occur from 3 through 7 PM. The high temperature for today is predicted to reach 78 degrees F. under sunny skies. The wind is from the south at 9 MPH.