DSC_0067Launched at Bertrand launch ramp this morning and fished upstream from the ramp just to see how far one could get the boat without having to get out and walk. Turns out that after a couple of hundred yards, the water turned into a potential parking lot. There were trout in the deeper water and they were hungry. We decided that we wanted to check different areas, so we moved downstream towards Spider Creek Island. There were fish between Spider Creek and Bertrand, but we did not stay there either. If you are planning on launching at Bertrand, be VERY careful going down river past Spider Creek Island, since there is almost NO water on the upstream side of the island. Canoes, kayaks and jet motored boats....OK. Anybody else....prepare to push across the shallows. We fished several spots while en route to the Houseman ramp, where Sam had attached the trailer to my truck. Although we caught fish in all of the places we fished. the bite was pretty slow. The fish bit on fluorescent orange, pink and chunky cheese. They did not bite very well on yellow or rainbow. Finally made it out of the tailwaters and fished for a brief time near the Blue Springs outflow. The fish were doing their thing there as well. By this time it was 11 AM., and we headed for the fish cleaning station at Hosanna Hills Guide headquarters. The morning was delightful and the scenery continues change colors. Can hardly wait to see the leaves in their full glory in a week or so!               DSC_0061There is generation scheduled from 2 through 7 PM. at 44% of capacity. The high temperature for today is expected to be 75 degrees F., under sunny skies with NE winds of 7 MPH. Try to get out to the ONE FLY/ ONE LURE contest tomorrow morning at Beaver Dam Store. Get there early, (about 7AM), to get paired up with a fishing partner. Great prizes as well as a fantastic lunch await! Hope to see you there.