Sam launched this morning at 7:15 and proceeded to our usually great spots only to find that the bite was agonizingly slow. Tried a couple of other areas in the Hwy 62 bridge arena and found the same. The trout were there, but not in their normal 'feeding frenzy' mode. Fish were caught at every location the boat anchored, but in an 'its about time' speed, the word 'SPEED' not being the best choice. The morning was choice for the trip. The folks aboard had a great time; and they were experienced fishing couple. They did limit out and, due to the slow bite, had more time to enjoy the White River.There is generation scheduled from 2 through 7 PM. at 44% of capacity. The day should be sunny with winds from the northwest at 7 MPH. High temperature today should hit 75 degrees F.