Sam launched around 7 AM with a group of three and moved downstream to give both the guests and the trout something to remember. DSC_0059They fished a few of our favorite spots, and although the bite was rather slow, limited out by 10 AM. Several fish were released due to size, some to give them time to grow up and some because they fell into the slot restrictions. A grand time was had by all, including the guide. One fisherman even said he was inspired to buy a boat! This morning was another perfect one for fishing and looking at the sights. There were a few other boats out along with several canoes.I fished from the bank this morning at the gravel bar downstream from the launch ramp closest to Beaver Dam. The trout bit on yellow, salmon peach and fluorescent orange. Sam called and told me that the stocking truck was at Parker Bend, so I headed there to catch and release. I used a Buoyant brown trout spoon and caught about 22 trout in 40 minutes. That was FUN! Was home by noon, just in time to give the animals their lunch. Since tomorrow should be a bit cooler in the morning, fishing should be even more pleasant. Get out and see for yourself! Generation is slated for 2 through 7 PM, at 44% of capacity. The high temperature should be 82 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with westerly winds at 5 MPH.

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