IMG_0192.JPGFished in three places along the river, beginning with Parker Bend. There was quite a bit of parking in the 'closed off' lot, but not too much fish-catching. The water had not yet stopped moving at 10:30, so not too much was going on in the fishing arena. Fished for about 30 minutes and had not one bite. Moved to the area directly below Beaver Dam and, although the bite was slow, caught some nice sized trout. Moved to the gravel bar next to the launch ramp closest to the dam and sat down to enjoy the morning. The trout bit on every color that I threw them except for green pumpkin. The lighter colors received the fastest attention. The picture I took was of a trout 'picked up' below the Beaver dam, She had snapped up a salmon peach loaded hook. Today was a catch and release day, so she and the others caught by me today, went home to their watery realm.Fish and Game showed up at the gravel bar and chatted with us about fishing business. Every once in a while, we run into people who insist on breaking the game rules, even after having been told that they were in error. Taking a picture of the violation, such as multiple rods , and a picture of them and/or their auto license number is sufficient info to sent to Fish and Game. You can call, as well, which should be your first choice. Generation stopped at 9 AM. and is over for today. Tomorrow's generation is scheduled from 6 through 11 AM. High temperature for tomorrow is predicted to hit 64º F., with southerly winds of 7 MPH. Skies should be partly sunny. Go out and fish your little hearts out! By the way, the trout were stocked at the launch ramp closest to the Beaver Dam at 11:20 this morning.