Prior to wetting a line, I checked a couple of spots so information of their accessibility could be passed on to YOU! The river continues to drop which means more space for bank fishermen is available. Bertrand launch ramp has become more friendly to those who wish to fish from the bank. The water remains too high for fishing between the ramp and Spider Creek. Parker Bend parking lot remains taped off to parking, but now, there is at least half of the up and downstream ramps available for fishing. The situation at the ramp nearest to Beaver Dam remains the same as reported yesterday. In fact, that is where I fished this morning at about 10:30. Walked a little upriver from the ramp and found that the trout bite was much slower than that of yesterday. One of the problems with fishing with ultralites in the heavy wind is that one cannot easily feel the bite when the trout are 'soft-mouthing' the bait. Such was the case this morning. Caught 6 trout in about an hour, one of which was in the 'slot'. Sent her back to the river realm to tease the next one to catch her. The trout were caught on six different colors, fluorescent orange, yellow, salmon peach, pink, garlic and chunky cheese. Only one other fisherman was at the gravel bar enjoying the cool breeze.Generation for the rest of today is slated to be from 7 through 9 PM. The afternoon should be partly cloudy with westerly winds of 10 MPH. gusting to 20 or so. High today was predicted to be 55º F., but it is presently 61 at my home. OK with me! Have a great day fishing.IMG_3274