Sam and I decided to check out the launch ramp nearest the Beaver Dam to see if the bite was as good today as it was yesterday. Turns out that the trout hit about every two minutes instead of every 30 seconds. They bit on yellow, salmon peach, rainbow, salmon egg red, fluorescent red, fluorescent orange and pink. They ignored both nymph grape and garlic. There was a couple fishing at the ramp when we arrived, but they were not having any luck at all. We spoke with them about the bait they were using and learned that they had crappie bait which did not float. They gave up and headed for their home. Several folks came by to look at the ramp area, but none of them fished. It was a nice chilly morning to catch a few to get one's adrenaline flowing. As usual, we recommend that you go fish!Generation for today and tomorrow calls for water to move from 7 through 9 AM. and 6 through 8 PM.. High temperature for today is predicted to be 39 degrees F., with NNW winds of 5 MPH. Very similar conditions are expected for tomorrow with wind direction shifting more to the west. Have a great weekend and try to stay warm!