Fished at Bertrand launch ramp area at about 7:30 AM and found that the trout were pretty excited with hatchery formula, but bit slowly on almost anything else that was thrown at them. They totally ignored yellow, but bit slowly on white. There was ample surface activity, but no fly fishermen on scene to take advantage of the 'feeding frenzy.’ If you get out there to try your luck, remember that the length of your leader is IMPORTANT! This morning, a leader of 18 inches seemed to be the ticket to success. Although Sam and I have not spent time discussing leader length in these reports, suffice it to say that trout often feed at different depths. With that in mind, if you are having difficulty getting a bite, perhaps changing the length of you leader will help. Go out, play with your leader length, go fish!There is no generation scheduled today. The prediction for today calls for a high temperature of 68 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the SW at 15 MPH.