Yes, I know that I mentioned staying by the stove today, but boredom overtook me and fishing in the sub-freezing temperatures seemed like the thing to do. It just happens that Sam, who was tied up in fire department fun and games, called and related that the stocking truck was seen on CR214. Grabbed a rod and a couple of spoons and headed to Parker Bend, where I thought the truck was headed. Using a 1/6th ounce red on gold Bouyant spoon, caught and released lots of fish. There were a couple of brave souls on the wheelchair ramp fishing with bait. After seeing that the trout were more prone to bite spoons, they switched and were doing nicely when I left. It is quite brisk in the wind, but, when reeling in fish, adrenaline does take one’s mind off the cold.Tomorrow promises to warm up a bit, to about 51 degrees F. in the afternoon. At the time of this report writing, the generation schedule for tomorrow was not yet posted. Bet on it in the morning from 7 through 8 or so! Tomorrow’s weather forecast is for partly sunny skies with a high temperature of 51 degrees F. Winds are to be from the SW at 10 MPH, gusting to 20.