On Friday, fished both in the morning and then in the afternoon. Wet a line with a friend, Carl, at Houseman Access at around 10 AM. Carl, who also is a guide, was the only one who had a few fish snap at his bait. A large brown trout almost came up on the bank while following in one of his Trout Magnet lures. The bite was very slow, and neither of us brought one onto dry land, not that we were keeping fish. Carl was using power bait eggs, fluorescent yellow and white combinations. I was trying a chartreuse and red combo, which elicited nothing other than one half-hearted nibble. Work called, so we packed it in.Later in the day, around 1:30, met a couple of friends at Bertrand launch ramp and fished downstream near Spider Creek. The bite was a bit slow, but the trout were biting on yellow, salmon peach and rainbow. We fished there until 5 PM, then moved to Parker Bend, about 200 yards down river from the ramp area. The bite was pretty good, and the trout were biting on 'chunky cheese', by Gulp, and on yellow, salmon peach and rainbow. The fish were pretty nice size, but, once again, we did not keep any. The bald eagle was keeping an eye on us while we fished. NEAT! There was a fisherman next to us who caught a walleye on earth worms. He had never caught one before, so we identified and measured it for him. The fish was just in the limit, 18 inches, Walleye are worth fishing for in the mist and chilly wind! Speaking of walleye, rumor has it that the walleye are hitting jigs around the bridge at Holiday Island. The weather for today, 12-27-14, calls for a high temperature of 42 degrees F., which we have already hit at 7 AM, and a low tonight of 25. BRRR! The day is expected to be cloudy with occasional rain, turning to freezing rain after 7 PM. Winds are from the NNW at 8 MPH.