Today, had a bit of a late start in the fishing department. Finally threw a line in the water about 1 PM and quickly found out that the trout did not want too much to do with either yellow or salmon peach. Tried hatchery formula and had a trout in about three minutes. To make a short story out of a possible saga, the trout hit on fluorescent orange (slowly), hatchery formula, nymph grape, red-white-blue and white. They ignored garlic in addition those previously mentioned 'shunned' colors. There were no other fishermen where I fished, so there is nothing to report on different baits. The trout were very active on the surface, for those of you who are in the fly-fishing mode. Looks like tomorrow is going to be an improvement, temperature-wise, over today, so if you can break away for a bit of fishing....Generation occurred this morning from 6 through 9 and should resume for three hours this evening beginning at 6. Tomorrow, the weather forecast is for a high temperature of 47 degrees F. under mostly cloudy skies with a chance of early showers. The wind should be from the NE at 5 MPH, gusting to 9. The generation schedule for tomorrow was not posted at the time of this report.