Yep, another fishing report, except it is for the Sunday activity. Went out twice, once in the early part of the day, and then around 2:30 PM. Early, tried fishing from the Beaver Dam all the way back to Parker Bend. The best bite was at a location very close to the dam. The water there is a bit shallow, but the trout did not seem to let that bother them. They bit on fluorescent orange, and were of pretty good size. Moved to the gravel bar at the launch area nearest to the dam. There were several fishermen on scene but they did not appear to be having much luck. The bite was very slow, but what there was occurred on orange and yellow. Played there for longer than I should have, then moved to Parker Bend. The bite was much better at the holes downstream from the ramps, although it was slow. The fish bit on yellow, orange and salmon peach. Decided to put off trying at Bertrand until after lunch. Had a chat with the 'men in green', and headed home.Following a late lunch, went to Bertrand launch ramp and moved down river toward Spider Creek. The bite was pretty good on hatchery formula, yellow, orange and salmon peach. The trout did not care for anything else that I threw them. Caught 8 in the 90 minutes that were spent there. There were a couple of fish on one fisherman's stringer, but those were all I noted. Sometimes fishing from the ramp area is OK, but fishing downstream from the launch area usually pays off better. There is generation scheduled from 7 through 9 AM and from 6 through 8 PM on Monday. The weather for Monday is predicted to bring us a high temperature of 55 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the SW at 16 MPH, gusting to 23,