With fishing on our minds, we visited three locations this morning, Parker Bend, Bertrand Launch Ramp and Houseman Access. If you are planning on fishing at Parker Bend, prepare to have your 'Howdy-do' face on. The parking lot at Parker was up to it's brim and fishermen were on the move. That is GOOD! Caught quite a few trout this morning between 7 and 8. The trout were biting on chartreuse, fluorescent orange, yellow, salmon peach and pink. Then, at about 8 AM, the bite turned off. Pretty amazing, but not too surprising, based on the way they have been acting over the last week or so. Although we did not fish long enough to see what time the bite resumed, we can guess that, based on the past week, the trout probably came back to life around 9 AM. Houseman, with its lack of trout bite, was not too much of a puzzle. There was very little generation last night, so the cooler water did not make it to that area. The trout had moved up river into the cool water, where the O2 levels would be greater, allowing them to oxygenate more easily. OK, now you know where we believe the fish are; it is up to you to go get them!Generation is scheduled for one hour this evening, 7 PM, at 44% of capability. The weather forecast for today calls for a high temperature of 89 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the south at 9 MPH.