Fished at Bertrand launch ramp this morning and found that the trout were biting on both white and pink power bait eggs, as well as on white, pink, chartreuse and yellow paste.  There were several boats on the water between the ramp and Spider Creek Island, but it looked like only one was catching any significant number of trout.  They did not share information on what they were using, but they caught three while I was fishing near them.  I caught 7, two of which had to be thrown back.  The morning was foggy and cool, which made for a delightful fishing morning.  Today is expected to remain in the 80s which should lure, (get it?), lots of fishermen out to try their luck.  Go catch trout!

  There is only one hour of generation scheduled for 9 PM at 44% of capacity.  The weather is expected to bring us a high temperature of 85 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with southerly winds of 5 MPH.

Perfect day to be out fishing!