1 toms fish 8-29-14Launched at Houseman Access this morning at 7:00 and moved up river to the flats near the Hwy 62 bridge.  Fished that area using chartreuse, white and yellow.  Although all colors resulted in action, the yellow was the 'flavor of the day'.  We were back at Houseman Access at 8:10 AM and headed for the house.  No other boats were encountered on the river; and no one was fishing at Houseman.  Wow!  All those hungry trout were complaining that they had nothing to nibble on!  The water temperature near the Hwy 62 bridge was 47.6 degrees F.  The water is very shallow as one moves upstream into the Spider Creek area.  This year, between the Hwy 62 bridge and Spider Creek, there are quite a few new bottom obstacles to be aware of, especially because of the river being so low.  The high for today is predicted to be 86 degrees F., a fine temperature to encourage fishing.

There is one hour of generation scheduled at 5 PM. at 44% of capacity.  The weather prediction includes partly cloudy skies with winds this morning from the SSE, shifting to the SSW this afternoon at 7 MPH.