Fished at Bertrand launch ramp this morning beginning about 6:50. Actually, we were fishing between the ramp and Spider Creek, where the trout appeared to be very hungry, since, except for pink, they took every color we threw at them. These included neon blue, (there's a new one for you), chartreuse, salmon peach, yellow, orange, red-white-blue, white, and rainbow. The bite was pretty phenomenal until about 7:15, when the fish became somewhat picky. After that time, they only showed interest in chartreuse, yellow, salmon peach and rainbow. Hmm, go figure. They still bit, but much more slowly than earlier. The water temperature at the ramp was 47.5 degrees F., but should rise when the sun makes it above the trees. Fishing sounds like a great way to have fun this fine day, and to bring home some supper!Looks like the weather will bring us some cooling over the next couple of days, which should bring out some more fishermen. (FYI, since I am 'old school', the word 'fishermen' also includes ladies.) Speaking of weather, the prediction for today calls for a high temperature of 92 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the SE at 6 MPH. The winds are expected to shift to the east at 4 MPH after about 3 PM. Generation is scheduled to be from 2 through 8 PM.


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