Launched at Houseman Access at 6:30 this morning and took a leisurely trip up river to the area of the old Hwy 62 bridge pilings, where we tried our luck. The river is noticeably lower, so keep an eye on your depth when approaching the pilings from down river. Try fishing the channel on your right past the pilings as you are moving upstream. The trout were in the mood to bite on chartreuse, orange, yellow and rainbow. They ignored red-white-blue, white and nymph grape. The feasting was going strong when we left the area at 7:30, and slowly made our way back to Houseman Access in the chilly fog. As mentioned earlier, the river appears to be down, (about 5 feet), from a month ago, so it may behoove one to try to stay in the channel. Although we did not encounter any boats on this trip, in the past, we have found boats that anchor in the channel near the gravel bar downstream from the Hwy 62 bridge and expect other boats to risk running aground behind them. We tend to remain in the channel and tolerate comments about how close we come to their lines. Please try to anchor in the shallower water and fish the channel. Folks who have some experience fishing for these trout know that when a boat passes by, sometimes the trout bite. Do not know why this happens, but we have experienced this phenomenon before. Hope you get to go out and try your luck!The generation is scheduled to occur from 1 through 7 PM at 88% capacity, except for the first hour, which should be at 44%. The weather prediction for the day is for a high temperature of 96 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies with winds from the SSE at 5 MPH.