Began fishing at Houseman Access this morning at 9 AM. After lolling around for 20 minutes without a bite, we decided that, since there was another guide boat close by, the operator of which had been in the area much longer than we, and had not been experiencing any success, we decided to move into the tail-waters. We moved to the area around Bertrand launch ramp and immediately began catching trout. The fish bit on yellow, white and fluorescent orange power bait. They totally ignored all other colors tossed to them. At about 10:30, the bite stopped; so we headed for the house. Since this was a catch and release day, not only were we happy with the morning fishing, but the trout lived to fight another day. Maybe you can go out there this afternoon and take a few home for supper!There is generation scheduled to occur from 2 through 5 PM. The weather is expected to bring us a high temperature of 90 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with winds from the SW at 4 MPH. There is a possibility of thundershowers around 3 PM.