This morning, fished between Parker Bend and Spider Creek Island. The bite closer to Parker was slower than that at Spider Creek. The trout were biting on everything thrown at them except white, but I only used rainbow, garlic, orange, salmon peach, chartreuse, yellow, hatchery formula, nymph grape, and white, (which did not give me a bite). With the exception of two small critters, the trout were in the 12 to 14 inch range....not bad. A couple of others were fishing at the ramp at Bertrand and were doing OK. One guide boat was in the hole at Spider Creek Island and was doing just fine. The weather was cool and sunny, just like a perfect Fall day in late Summer. The only thing that could have made it better was to have you readers out there fishing!A couple of days ago,I ran into a fly fisherman who was having an exceptional day using a Trout Magnet, which looked like a # 15 silver beaded jig head with an orange and white worm. The only place that I know of around here where you could get one is at Beaver Dam Store. They come three to a package. While you are there, take a minute to sign up for the One Fly/One Lure fishing tournament that is coming up on Saturday, October 18th. There is a catfish lunch after the fishing that is well worth the entry fee. No, I do not work for the store, but my partner, Sam, and I like to participate in this tournament. The generation schedule posted for today indicates that generation at 88% of capacity is to happen from 3 through 5 PM with another shot at 44% from 8 through 9 PM. The weather is predicted to give us a high temperature of 74 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the ENE at 5 MPH.