Early this morning, Sam and I fished with Little Cleos at Parker Bend, following up on a report from another guide. Although we did get a couple of 'strikes', we were not overwhelmed by trout. Later on in the morning, I went back to Bertrand launch ramp area and fished with 11 different bait colors and was successful with 9 of them. The bait colors that did not give me any action were red-white-blue and white, There was a fisherman nearby who was doing OK with white, but he was adding on a wax worm. The colors that did not work for me may have worked if my 'five minute rule' had not been in effect. Although the day was almost perfect for fishing, not many folks were out. Too bad! If you can get out there today, of course, we recommend going for it!Tomorrow, generation is scheduled to be in effect from 8 through 11 PM. The high temperature is expected to be a cool 47 degrees F. falling to a low of 28 at night. The winds are to be from the west at 17 MPH, gusting to 32. At least the day is expected to be sunny! Go out and have fun!