This morning, fished with a couple of friends at Parker Bend. They were on scene and catching fish about an hour and a half before I arrived. They had caught quite a few on white and pink power bait eggs and were continuing he trend after my arrival. I tried paste bait, orange, garlic and pink. Orange worked, but the rest did not seem to excite the trout. My friends won me over; and I switched to power bait eggs. We played with the fish until the rain and sleet arrived on scene. There were a few others fishing in the area, but not catching too much. Noticed that at Bertrand launch ramp there were a couple of vehicles, but did not see anyone fishing. Generation is scheduled for 6 and 7 this evening at 44% of capacity. The weather forecast is calling for a high temperature of 40 degrees F under cloudy skies with winds from the SSE at 7 MPH. There is rain and sleet expected for this afternoon. If you are planning on fishing in this weather, my advice is to overdress for warmth. You always can take it off, but cannot put it on if you do not have it with you!