Since Sam was burdened Thursday with personal business, UGH, I decided to grab some coffee, catch a sculpin for bait and go try for a brown trout. Fished near Spider Creek, but no browns even tasted the sculpin. The coffee was good and, after about 45 minutes with no bite, the sculpin and I moved our operations to Houseman Access to continue our quest. The wind picked up, the coffee ran out and the sculpin and I went home.Today, Sam and I tried out a new hook on one of our rigs. We fished near Spider Creek and were happy that the trout were hungry. They bit on almost everything we tossed them! The exceptions were hatchery formula and orange. The new hook worked as good if not a little better than the old one. We caught roughly 80% of the bite. That could have been a ‘fluke,’ but time will tell. Tomorrow, the morning probably will be the best time to fish since the weather is expected to go down hill in the afternoon. There is no generation scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. Saturday, the high is expected to be 47 under cloudy skies with winds from the SSE at 6 MPH, gusting to 9. The sculpin, who is residing in the downstairs fridge, Sam and I highly recommend that you go out and try your luck catching the wiley trout!