Sam and I fished this morning from 10 to 11AM, downstream from Bertrand launch ramp. Initially, we threw lures to no avail. Subsequently, we fished with bait and did very well! Sam tried our old standbys; I used our new, (to us), power bait. Although the reds were very slow to get bites, they did work. The best colors were yellow, chunky cheese and hatchery formula. There were several fly fishermen on scene who were doing great with purple and zebra midges. Others who were fishing at the launch ramp were doing pretty good with power bait eggs. The high tomorrow is expected to get to 50 degrees F., which is the beginning of a much cooler up-coming week. Oh well, back to January!Generation tomorrow is scheduled from 7 through 8PM at 88% of capacity. Winds are expected to be from the NNW at 12 MPH, gusting to 20.