Sam and I tried our luck with lures around 11AM and were not rewarded with any trout. Then again, nobody whom we saw on the river caught any fish while we were there. We did not try bait. Unbeknown to Sam until this post was posted, I went back to the Bertrand area and fished with bait at 4:30PM. What a difference! The trout were biting on any color that I threw them. Checked with the other fishermen along my route back to the truck to see how they were faring. They had only caught a few, but they WERE catching. Tried spoons and caught a 'bottom fish' which decided to keep the spoon. HMMM, that makes two spoons lost in two days. Rats!! Oh well, that is the cost of 'research'.Tomorrow is not expected to bring us as nice a January day as today, with a high temperature of 47 degrees with a brisk wind from the WNW at 15 MPH gusting to 28. At least there should be partly sunny skies. There is no generation scheduled for Sunday. Hope you get a chance to feed the trout tomorrow!