Sam and I fished this afternoon near the Bertrand launch ramp area and learned that the trout were not in the mood to keep us busy reeling them in. The bite was slow, but not completely ‘dead.’ Sam totally out-fished me! He caught trout on rainbow, pink, salmon peach and hatchery formula while I had action on garlic, chunky cheese and yellow. Neither of us had any luck with fluorescent orange. Others fishing along the river nearby were not having much luck. Although this was a gorgeous day, the fishing was very slow. We called it quits and headed back to the office, (fishing office, of course).Although there is no more generation scheduled for today, The schedule for tomorrow calls for 88% of capacity from 7 through 8 AM. The high for tomorrow is expected to be 46 degrees F. with winds from the north at 8 MPH, gusting to 21. The morning should be sunny, becoming cloudy towards noon. There is a good chance of snow around midnight tomorrow! If you missed the chance to fish today, tomorrow will not be a very tempting day to frolic outside. However, if you go, dress warmly and have fun!