A Surprise Brown

Sam and I waited until the mercury rose to the 30 degree mark, then proceeded to Bertrand launch ramp to see if the trout   were in the mood to play.
The trout were very accommodating and bit on the three baits we threw, chunky cheese, yellow and fluorescent red.
The surprise of the afternoon was a 17 inch brown trout that bit the power bait paste.
It is not too uncommon to catch a small brown on the paste, but the larger ones usually take different bait.
Since we had the area to ourselves, we fished on the rocks just upstream from the launch ramp.
The only thing that was missing was some hot coffee towarm our innards.
After a while of catching and releasing, we headed back to the warmth of a stove! There is generation scheduled from 7 through 8 AM tomorrow. The high temperature is predicted to reach 39 degrees F. under cloudy skies, with winds from the SSE at 7 MPH, gusting to 10.
There is ice and frozen rain expected from 11 AM to around 2 PM. Hope you get to visit with the trout tomorrow.