Sam and I fished at Parker Bend this morning. The water had not yet stopped moving, so we fished with spoons. Since it was somewhat overcast, we used gold. If you have followed this report over the past year or so, you know that we feel that gold works better than silver on overcast days. The fishing results of this morning reinforced that opinion. The largest fish was caught by Sam, a 17 inch rainbow. After losing his lure on another trout, he switched to a silver spoon, and his bites stopped. Happily enough, the gold Bouyant that I was using continued to bring home the trout bacon, so to speak. Two other fishermen were there and not doing any good on bait. We shared the spoon info with them, and as we were leaving, they were casting gold spoons.Today, a high temperature of 51 degrees F. is predicted, with partly cloudy skies and winds from the SW at 8 to 12 MPH. No more generation is scheduled for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, the high temperature is predicted to reach 56 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the NW at 9 MPH, gusting to 18. The low for tomorrow night is expected to be 20, with a high Sunday of 32. Better fish tomorrow!