imageFinally got out to fish after a week of turmoil! Met with a couple of friends, Greg and Julie, and fished at Houseman Access. We met at 1 PM. and threw lines from the parking lot into the upstream ramp. The bite was real slow, but Julie showed us how it was done. (See picture). Although we tried several different colors only chartreuse with extra scent was the one that worked for us. It was very unusual to be fishing from the parking lot. At least one cold sit on the tailgate of a truck and get out of the wind! Only one boat was aunched while we were on scene. That fisherman planned on trolling downstream. We did not stay for his return, so we do not know how he did. Bertrand launch ramp has water half way up the ramp, so fishing there is not too feasible, especially since two generators are running 24 hours a day for a couple of more days. Parker Bend parking lot has some rather large rocks in it and has been taped off to the public. The high temperature for tomorrow should reach 41 degrees F. under partly sunny skies. The winds are predicted to be from the NNW at 4 MPH., gusting to 6.