We fished in several locations from the Beaver Dam to Spider Creek. There was plenty of surface activity immediately beneath the Beaver Dam, but the trout completely ignored the various baits that we threw into the middle of the surface 'feeding frenzy'. Moved to the gravel bar at the launch area closest to the dam and found that there were several fishermen on scene. None of those folks were doing any good in the fish-catching job, and neither did we. Tried at Parker Bend and caught a couple on yellow and rainbow. The bite was not much to brag about, so we moved to the Bertrand Launch Ramp area and walked toward Spider Creek. The trout were much more accommodating there. Just like at Parker Bend, the bite was on yellow and rainbow. All three of us caught fish, but left the area just as the bite was picking up at 4:30 PM. Hope you got out to try your luck today! The high temperature of 40 degrees was nice.Tomorrow, there is generation scheduled for 7 through 9 AM and from6 through 8 PM. The winds are predicted to be from the ENE at 6 MPH, gusting to 9. Temperature should reach 42 degrees F., and fall to 25 at night. After Monday, the high temperatures are not expected to get out of the 30s for a couple of days. Stay warm ad go fish!