imageSince generation was in full swing this morning, fishing did not begin for me until 1:30 PM. Began at the hole downstream from the ramps at Parker Bend. Although the trout were biting slowly on yellow, the constant bite of the wind helped me decide that a spot closer to the Beaver Dam might be a bit more sheltered. It was! The trout were in the mood to bite, but very lightly. Used a Shakespeare Stealth Stick which is a micro-lite rod. Although the wind played havoc with it, the sensitivity was such that the 'soft-mouthing' trout did not stand a chance. There were no other fishermen in either site that I fished today. If you decide to try it tomorrow, the temperature is expected to hit 50 degrees, an improvement over today's 44. Bundle up in the morning and take warm things to drink!The generation schedule for tomorrow indicates water will move from 7 through 9 AM, and from 6 through 8 PM. The high temperature predicted for tomorrow is 50 degrees F. Winds should be easterly at 2 MPH., gusting to 4. GO FISH! Sent from my iPad