Today was a delight. Of course we all like to catch fish, but being alone on the river in the late afternoon as the sun begins its descent with the breeze rustling the leaves and the fish coming to the surface was wonderful! Nature is just out of sight. I enjoyed watching the surface activity go from the shady side of the river to the middle then to the other side of the river as the sun descended lower and lower. In addition to that, I played with hook geometery. It is amazing how a small deviation in the geometry so radically changes the ease of the catching. This experience really recharged me even though It was getting a little chilly on my hands. Yellow and rainbow seemed to be the favorite colors today. It took an hour to catch a limit which made a nice supper for a friend. The temperature in the morning should be around 39 and the high about 53 degrees.

Generation calls for 7,700 cubic feet of water a second for 7 and 8 AM and 3,850 CFS of water for 6 and 7 PM.