If you keep up with our regular fishing reports, you realize that they have been missing for a while.  Our website was hacked--twice!  These hackers were filling our website with fake advertisements and trying to lure you into sending them money.  We believe our new security will prevent this in the future, so we are very glad to be up and running again.  Remember that you can always find us on Facebook or Google+. DSC_0167Where did the year go??!! These fishing guides started the day with preparing Christmas cards for mailing. Sam and I fished at Parker Bent this morning and found that the trout bit on yellow and salmon peach. They did not seem to be in a hurry to tug on the lines, but when they did, you knew it! There were two other bait fishermen on site who were not having much luck, but were enjoying the morning out of the rain. Two fly-fishermen were out and had only just begun to fish. Do not know how they did, since we left after a short time. As one might expect, the river is a bit higher since the rain. Today is likely to be the warmest day for a bit, so get out and fish! The high temperature today should hit 50 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies. The winds are from the SW at 6 MPH. Generation is scheduled for 6 through 8 PM at 44% of capacity.