This day began with a dual-pronged attack on the unsuspecting trout. The exercise was launched on both the land and water. We launched a boat at 6:30 AM, and in the capable hands of Sam, proceeded to one of our prime locations, where everyone aboard limited in near record time. Other areas were fished before catching the last fish for each person, but the initial location was where the action took place. The rest of the morning on the boat was a tour of the upper reaches of the river, as far as the Beaver Dam. The highlight of the trip for these fishermen was catching one rainbow of outstanding size. We didn’t measure until we were back at the cleaning station, but this guy was nearly 20 inches long and 4 1/2 pounds! That’s enough to put a smile on any fisherman’s face. We will share more pictures tomorrow.The 'ground action' began at Parker Bend, where the bite was about every 15 minutes. Ho-Hum! Moved up the river closer to the poison ivy patch I fished in earlier in the week and found that it was not occupied, (not much of a surprise). Turns out that the water was down about 2 feet, so it was not necessary to nestle down between the bushes to fish. Phew! The bite at that location was under two minutes on every light color used but rainbow. Happily enough, it was a catch and release day from the bank. Sam, on his river tour up towards the dam spoke with the bank fishermen he encountered en route and learned that they were not having much luck. Bet they forgot the wax worms! There is generation scheduled from 4 through 6 PM. today. The high temperature expected for this afternoon is 94 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with westerly winds of 6 MPH. If you plan on going out to enjoy the water and fishing, take water and have fun!