imageLaunched at Houseman Access at 6:45 this morning and trolled downstream in 52 degree F. water to check out the bite. Did not have long to wait and spent some 30 minutes catching and releasing trout. Trolled with a Rapala CD-7, black on silver. Decided to try using bait upstream at Parker Bend. The trout were 'soft-mouthing' the bait to the extent that one had to pay very close attention to the rod tip and line for signs of the bite. The trout bit on yellow, rainbow, salmon peach and red-white & blue power bait. Yep, they finally became patriotic! They ignored fluorescent orange and chartreuse. The fly fishermen who were successful were using beaded nymphs and red midges with a gold bead. The blue dun has been performing pretty good this past week, but no one on scene admitted to using it this morning. As we left the area, we noted that the stocking truck was arriving at Parker. This was about 11:15 AM. Want to play with the trout? This would be a good time to catch newly stocked fish! The generation schedule indicated that water will move at 44% of capacity from 2 through 6 PM. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 88 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with winds from the SSW at 9 MPH. There is a chance of afternoon thundershowers.