Great morning fishing today. Did not have to fish in the poison ivy patch! The bite this morning was what I would typify as slow, with a trout hitting every 5 or 6 minutes. Only caught 6 in the hour I fished, one of which was thrown back to grow up. The trout were biting on salmon peach, but not on yellow??? Go figure! Ran out of coffee, then patience, so headed to the Beaver Dam Store and refilled the cup. There was one other fisherman on scene, but he did not land a fish while I was there. The trout bite was anything but authoritative. The critters must have gone to 'steal the bait 101’ where they excelled. Needed to watch the rod tip for movement to see the bite. The only fish that bit like he meant it was the brown. I say this because, as one can see from the picture, it was a male. Headed back to the Hosanna Hills headquarters at 8 AM, and 'hob-nobbed' with my excellent partner, Sam, over another cup of coffee. As mentioned in earlier reports, you will greatly increase your chances of bringing home the trout if you add a wax worm on the end of your baited hook, although I did not do that this morning, I feel that your chances of success will be greatly improved if you add the worm.There is generation scheduled from 3 through 6 PM. today. The high temperature is expected to be a mild 88 degrees F. with northerly winds of 4 MPH.  The prediction is for cloudy morning skies giving way to mostly sunny taking over in the afternoon.DSC_0045