This morning around 7, decided to sit down with a cup of 'joe' at Parker Bend and tie some leaders for my Tackle Buddy. Did not go to my newly found spot amid the poison ivy because I did not want to be disturbed by trout while tying leaders. I was not! The people fishing off the sidewalk at Parker Bend did not bring in a fish while I was there. After restocking the Tackle Buddy and finishing my coffee, I moved to the ivy patch and caught and released a few trout. Left for Beaver Dam Store to get a refill of coffee for the trip home. The bite was a little slow, about every 5 minutes. The trout did not react to salmon peach, rainbow or any of the darker colors. They did a much better job when one used a wax worm along with power bait. There is very little room to fish from the bank, so one probably should get out early and 'sew up' a spot. Better take some rain gear today, just in case the predicted showers actually occur.There is generation scheduled from 3 through 5 PM. today. The high temperature predicted for today is 91 degrees F., under mostly cloudy skies with a chance of afternoon thundershowers. The wind should be from the SSW at 6 MPH.. Go out and enjoy the afternoon fishing on the beautiful White River!