Fished at four locations from the river bank this morning to get a feel for what has been happening from the Beaver Dam to Spider Creek Island. The trout were taking yellow and salmon peach at the area directly below the dam; but they were not interested in fluorescent orange. Moved to the gravel bar downstream from the damaged launch ramp closest to the Beaver Dam and caught trout on yellow, spring green, salmon peach and chartreuse. There were a couple of fishermen there who were catching the occasional trout on worms suspended under bobbers. They also were using more rods than is legal. Keep in mind that, in the tail-waters, only one rod per person is allowed, and it must be tended at all times. Moved to the wheelchair ramps at Parker Bend and caught a few little trout on salmon peach. Spoke with a couple of fly fishermen and was told that the # 16 zebra midge was catching a few. Moved to the Bertrand launch ramp and walked downstream toward Spider Creek Resort and fished for about 20 minutes. The trout were biting yellow, white, spring green, salmon peach and chartreuse. They totally ignored red-white-blue and fluorescent orange.Spoke with another guide who indicated that, during yesterdays generation, he had caught numerous browns in the eddys by using Rapala CD-9 'brown trout' lures and with a 'trout magnet' of a similar pattern. The generation schedule is for water to move beginning at 3 PM and continuing through 8 PM. The weather prediction calls for a high temperature of 90 degrees F. today under mostly sunny skies with southerly winds of 6 MPH.