DSC_0001Launched at Houseman Access at 6:30 this morning and moved down river to check out the bite and the water temperature. Sam caught a very nice trout on a Rapala F-5, black on silver. Trolled back to the Houseman ramp and off-loaded both Sam and the trout. Teach him to catch a big fish! :) The water temperature at Houseman was 50 degrees F., which is good for trout, as evidenced a fisherman who was there and had caught and kept 4 and had released 2 by 8:30 AM. We continued upstream past the Hwy 62 bridge and fished in the area between the bridge and Spider Creek. Fishing was pretty good and we finished in about 30 minutes. The trout were biting on chartreuse, yellow and salmon peach. They seemed to be in the 'soft-mouth' mode, so be sure to carefully watch your rod tip and line for movement. Also, do not let the 90 plus degree temps fool you in the early AM. The water temperature up river is 47 degrees F., and cools the fog enough to make one shiver without wearing a warm windbreaker. Once the sun gets up a bit, the story changes dramatically. Go out and have fun catching trout! Generation is scheduled from 3 through 7 PM at 44% of capacity, except for5 PM when it is listed to be at 88%. The weather prediction is for a high temperature of 96 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the south at 5 MPH.