DSC_0046      Wow! Was sitting on the bank fishing this morning and came to the realization that I forgot to write a fishing report for yesterday! So, here it is, combined with this morning’s results. Launched yesterday and fished the river from a mile downstream from Houseman Access to the Spider Creek Island area. The water temperature below the Blue Springs entrance to the river was 70 degrees F., but if you fish deep, the trout are still in the cooler waters. The bite in the warmer water is a bit slower than I like, but the fish generally are bigger than those in the tailwaters. Keep in mind, if you catch fish out of the tailwaters that would be 'slots' in the tailwaters, do not take them into the 'slot zone'. We will offload the slot-sized fish before entering the tailwaters. Remember the count of your fish and PLEASE play by the rules!The trout treated us pretty good in the tailwaters once we passed up river from the 'slime line.’ That is the location on the river where the warm water meets the cold. You are able to see that location because of the debris field which stretches across the river. You should notice a drastic change in water temperature once you pass through this phenomenon. Today, the trout bit on lighter colors of power bait. After limiting out, we enjoyed an abbreviated tour of the river before heading back to clean fish. This morning the bank fishing was really good, with a bite every couple of minutes. Fishing close to the Beaver Dam is becoming more comfortable since the water has dropped enough that there is ample room for a few fishermen. The mornings are becoming a little cooler, so bring a light jacket for the early AM. There is generation scheduled from 3 through 7 PM today. The prediction is for a high temperature of 83 degrees F. under sunny skies, with NNW winds of 4 MPH this afternoon. Our advice, as always, is to go out and fish!