Headed for Parker Bend with the makings for a nice morning including, chairs, coffee, rods and bait. Began fishing at 6:30 AM, Sam with bait, while I tried with Rapalas and spoons. Only had one strike, and that was on the Rapala. Switched to bait to try to catch up with Sam, fat chance! Trout bit on everything we threw at them, which included, yellow, salmon peach, pink, red-white-blue, chartreuse, white, rainbow, orange, and spring green. The only bait that they totally ignored was nymph grape. It was a fun catch-and-release morning. There were several fishermen on scene who were doing OK when we left for a coffee refill. Hope you were there among them to enjoy the morning. The bite was in gear when we left, but had begun to slow some. As usual, our advice is to get there early and enjoy some of the best fishing of the day.The generation today is scheduled from 1 through 7 PM, and ranges from 44% to 88% capacity during that time period. The weather prediction calls for a high temperature of 96 degrees F., (probably count on a bit higher), under sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 6 MPH. The good news appears to be that the temperatures are expected to begin cooling after Tuesday. PHEW!