Found a patch of poison ivy that was next to a few boulders which allowed enough room for a stable coffee cup. a seat for an old fisherman and enough room to cast a rod without tangling the line in a tree, and made myself comfy. The trout decided that no rest was needed by this fisherman, so they kept me busy for the 45 minutes it took to limit. They bit on yellow power bait better than on the other bait used this morning. There were a few other folks fishing nearby who refused to come near the dreaded poison ivy patch that partially concealed the 'crazy' fisherman. So, that worked out pretty well!  The closest fisherman to me was throwing a rooster tail. He gave up and left fishless after about 30 minutes. Another family with a few rock-throwing kids was fishing around 10 yards away. Needless to say, they also hit the road without a fish. They did, however, take the children with them. Since I had clipped the metal stringer to the base of the poison ivy plant, the jury is still out as to whether or not I was careful. Suppose I will find out soon enough. The fish bite slowed considerably during my stay; but it may have been the rocks splashing into the river that discouraged the trout. Today is a great day to go out and find your own patch of ivy from which to fish!The high temperature today is expected to be 92 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies with winds from the SW at 7 MPH. There is generation slated from 3 through 6 PM.