Launched at Houseman Access at 7:30 AM and proceeded upstream into the Spider Creek area, where we found that the trout were still acting like they were starving. We fed them chartreuse just to see if they were acting like yesterday morning. They were. The water temperature was 48 degrees F. and there was very little wind to move the boat around. Regardless, we had an anchor fore and aft to hold the proper position for casting. We caught 8 and moved back downstream and out of the tail-waters to try something new on the rascally fish. By 8:30, we were limited out and were pulling the boat. Good news is that the trout are in the biting mood if you can get out to them today. They bit on everything we used on them, so plan on trout for dinner if you head out! If you are fishing from the bank during the generation, you might want to try micro jigs with a float and see what happens.Bad news is that the generation is scheduled from 1 PM through 8 PM today. It begins at 44% for two hours and then ramps up to 88% of capacity. The weather forecast for today predicts a high temperature of 94 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 9 MPH. There is a chance of thundershowers around 2 PM.