Fished at Parker Bend this morning at 6:20 and fed the trout for about 20 minutes while enjoying a cup of 'Joe'. (That's coffee for those who are too young to recognize that old name ) Finally stopped feeding and began catching. The trout bit on yellow, salmon peach, orange and rainbow. All other colors tried, including red-white-blue, white, chartreuse and spring green, were ignored. There was a young fisherman beside us who was remarking to his friend that he had caught one on white power eggs, but he had a wax worm on the end of the hook with the egg. That will usually work with whatever one throws at the trout, as long as the wax worm does not get taken off the hook, leaving the egg by itself. There were a good number of small fish working on the bait, so quite a few had to be reunited with their family. Ended up with some pretty nice fish. Other fishermen began showing up and enjoying the day and the fishing. We did not bother trying at the ramp, since the fishing usually is better downstream a couple of hundred yards. Generation is scheduled at 4 and 5 PM at 44% of capacity. Weather prediction for today indicated a high temperature of 87 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with morning winds from the SW at 6 MPH, shifting northerly about mid-afternoon.