Let’s start off this day’s report with info from yesterday’s launch. The water in the Houseman Access area was 70ish degrees. There is a large amount of bait in the water in the 70 plus degree water. Along with the bait, is a growing number of white bass. This number should improve in the next few days. The whites are hitting a Rapala 7 minnow, black on silver. They are more active early in the morning, after which the bite slows considerably. Along with the whites and the warming water are the walleye. Fish early for them as well as for the whites. You will have a better chance with the walleye if you fish just before light, or in the late afternoon, just before dark. You can troll, jig or use live bait. We would recommend locating the fish and jigging or using the live bait option.This morning was a quick bank-fishing trip just below Beaver Dam. The bite was agonizingly slow and the coffee ran out pretty quickly, so the best we can tell you is that the trout that did bite did so on chunky cheese and yellow. Nothing else we used resulted in any action. Although we had to wait a substantial time for the bite, we released those we caught. Hope you get a chance to play the 'waiting for a bite' game, too! There is generation at 44% of capacity scheduled from 1 through 6 PM. The high temperature predicted for the day is 87 degrees F., under sunny skies with winds from the east at 6 MPH.