Since Accuweather indicated that it was not raining, at 2 PM, I proceeded out into the 'really heavy moisture' and stopped at the nearest fishing spot to Beaver Dam. Although some time was spent there using various bait colors, no trout saw it fit to bite. Moved to Parker Bend and proceeded downstream from the ramps to the holes and fished there. The trout were there and several came ashore to say 'Hi' before being sent back into the water. When I arrived on scene, there were two fishermen who apparently had absorbed enough 'humidity' and were in process of packing it in. The bite was about every 2 or 3 minutes on yellow power bait. There was one brave fly fisherman who was there when I arrived and when I left. No other fishermen were spotted there or at Bertrand launch ramp. Tomorrow should be a drier and cooler day.There is generation scheduled from 7 through 8 AM and at 9 PM. The high temperature tomorrow is predicted to reach 66 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the west at6 MPH, gusting to 16. Hope you get out to wet a line!