Decided to check the bank fishing using lures.  Tried three locations, the 'canebreak', the gravel bar downstream from the Beaver Dam launch ramp, and Parker Bend.  Tied on a gold Little Cleo and caught a couple of nice trout at the 'canebreak'. While I was there, another guide drifted by and indicated that she and her party had caught a couple of walleye as well as trout.  I did not have a chance to ask her what she had been pulling that caught the walleye.  (We have had luck pulling Rapala CD-9s, both black on gold and black on silver.)  Moved to the aforementioned gravel bar and threw the same gold spoon with fair results.  Checked with a couple who were fishing close to the launch ramp and saw that they were having good luck fishing with orange power bait.  Went to Parker bend and fished downstream from the ramps.  At first I used the same gold spoon, but after a couple of trout, I switched to a silver G5 spoon that I had found on the bank.  The spoon rapidly caught two trout.  Do not know who makes the G5 spoon, but will try to find out.  There were no other people fishing at Parker Bend, so I do not know which bait will give you the best result at that location.  Yellow, rainbow and orange seem to be pretty reliable. Go out and try them!The generation is set to resume tonight at 8 and continue through midnight at 44% of capacity.  The high temperature today was predicted to reach 54 degrees F. under cloudy skies with winds from the west at 12 MPH.  The low temperature tonight is supposed to be 37 degrees F.; we plan on going for white bass early.  Let's go get them!