Here's some interesting news! If you were to go to Parker Bend during the night and 'shine' for walleye, you would be pleasantly surprised how many males are in place. There are a couple of folks who have enticed the occasional bite, but the fish are not quite in the mood. I was not able to try my luck with walleye this morning due to early morning personal business to be handled in Berryville. Did get out at noon and began fishing at the closest access to Beaver Dam. The fish were there and accommodating, but only on yellow and salmon peach. They ignored the other colors thrown to them. Found that this was the case both downstream from Parker Bend and at the ramps. There was one fellow there who picked up a couple of trout using a gold spoon.After leaving Parker Bend, I proceeded to Beaver to see if there were any whites in the cove at the mouth of Butler Creek. Threw a spoon for a while and had no takers. Although the water there is somewhat muddy from last night's rain, that should not keep the fish from biting. I was just there at the wrong time. I plan on getting with Sam, my partner, and trying again very soon. There is generation scheduled for tomorrow from 8 through 11 AM. The winds should be from the ESE at 6 MPH, gusting to 10. Sunny skies are predicted! Hope you get out to try your luck and enjoy the White River.