Launched this morning at Houseman Access and trolled upstream towards Spider Creek Island.  We caught white bass and trout on the way using a floating minnow that Rapala no longer makes.  DRAT! We also were successful with a F-9 black on silver.  The walleye were hitting on a CD 9, black on gold.  The weather prediction called for rain at 4 PM, so we tried to ignore this morning's rain while we were landing fish.  I have to tell you, one does not mind the rain if he is dragging in fish.  The water temperature was about 57 degrees F.  Go catch them while you can!There is no generation scheduled for the day, or for Sunday.  The weather report calls for possible rain at 4 PM,  I looked at the radar and would be greatly surprised to see any rain around here for the next six or so hours.  The high temperature is expected to top 82 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with winds from the south at 14 MPH.  Tomorrow is expected to be a bit rainier with a high of 75 degrees F., with winds from the south at 17 MPH.  Let's go out there and enjoy the weekend!

The fishing is good for father and son.