Launched at Houseman Access this morning and moved downstream to the area where we caught whites yesterday.  Today, there was nobody home to give us or our fishing rods any exercise.  Those rascals do move quickly.  Since we were time-limited today, we moved back upstream and caught trout. The whites may bite later in the day, or not.  They may have moved further up river; but, since we had an 8 AM appointment, we did not have the time to look. This is an excellent day to be on the river!  By the way, prior to going out on the river, I visited White Bass Cove on the lake and found that the whites that were there two days ago were elsewhere. (That was before 6 this morning.)Generation is not scheduled to happen today. The weather prediction calls for a high temperature of 77 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the SE at 8 MPH.  Take some sun tan lotion and go out and fish!